Austin, we’re coming for you.

As a place defined by its diversity and openness, we are ecstatic to join in the revelry of acceptance in the great city of Austin. With our pending arrival this summer, the weirdest city in America is about to get weirder.

Located at the corner of West 5th and Lavaca, this iconic neighborhood in the heart of downtown will soon be swarming with the best of SPiN’s eclectic culture. From tournaments and leagues to celebrity ping pong battles to casual play and private lessons to the occasional dance off, our spin on the ping pong experience is a game changer.

Specifically selected for its centralized location as well as popular music and art scene, SPiN Austin’s eclectic venue will feature 14 Olympic-style ping pong tables, private lounge spaces, and a full-service restaurant and bar offering new American cuisine and handcrafted cocktails. Our multisensory interior will blend graffiti, street-style art, murals from local artists and a house DJ booth overlooking center court.

Austin, let’s get weird. Make your move.

Location details: 213 West 5th Street (at the corner of 5th/Lavaca)

We are now booking events for Fall 2017 – please contact